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Book - SCS Text Book (Spiral)

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Jones Strain Counterstrain Book, ISBN# 0-9645135-4-4 (Paperback, Spiral bound)
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Jones Strain Counterstrain Book

Ed Goering, D.O., Lawrence H. Jones, D.O. & Randall Kusunose, P.T.

The Jones book is a 166 page volume that holds together theoretical and technical information.  It is written in a very compensable way, starting from how Dr. Jones discovered the technique to the detailed explanation of the neurophysiopathology of Counterstrain, up to the SCS techniques used for all the body regions.  The book goes through more than 170 techniques, well illustrated and explained.  The Jones book is an excellent opera for skilled practitioners and beginners.

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 - - By Lawrence Jones, D.O., Randall Kusunose, P.T. & Ed Goering, D.O.-ISBN 0964513544