Pelvic Floor Dissection

Anatomy Dissection Course: Pelvic Floor


Master your Knowledge of Anatomy and Take your Practice to the Next Level!

This 2-day course is designed to provide an additional opportunity to dissect and identify the anatomy of the pelvis. Lecture and dissection will allow for the exploration of the muscles that make up the pelvic diaphragm. In addition to neurovascular structures that allow for its function. Focus will be placed on the differences between male and female external and internal anatomy. Finally, an emphasis will be placed on the functional role all these structure play on micturition, defecation and sexual function.


What We Offer:


  • Untouched Cadavers

  • Students perform 100% of the dissections themselves

  • Low student to cadaver ration of 4-6

  • Multiple cadavers to learn from

  • Experienced dissectors to expedite your learning experience

  • Spend your weekend before or after (recommended) in beautiful La Jolla!

  • Offered 1 – 2 times per year

  • Supplemental Pathophysiology Lectures

2 Day Course Includes:

Pelvic Floor

A 2-day dissection where the pelvic floor, its muscles, nerves, vasculature, and the ANS are dissected, identified, and studied.

Course Outline:

  • Review of pelvic girdle bones, joints, ligaments and foramens

  • Differences between the male pelvis and female pelvis

  • Pelvic cavities (true, false) and organs

  • Pelvic wall and pelvic diaphragm muscles

  • Perineum: urogenital triangle

  • Neurovascular structures

  • Male and female external genitalia

  • Reproductive system

  • Micturition, defecation and sexual function

  • Introduction to the magnitude and severity of pelvic floor dysfunction

  • The Pelvic Floor Five Functions

Course Goals/Objectives:

  • Differentiate between the male and female pelvis and internal and external genitalia

  • Describe the layers of the pelvic floor

  • Identify the pelvic diaphragm and pelvic wall muscles and functions including blood supply and innervation

  • Explore the pelvic cavities and foramens, urogenital and anal Triangles

  • Understand the basic physiology of micturition and defecation

  • Recognize the functional role of the pelvic floor musculature and the potential pelvic dysfunctions

Course Information


Eryn Milian PhD, PT, DPT 

University of Miami Doctor of Physical Therapy Faculty

- Gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, and Pelvic Anatomy Course Master


Kyle Kusunose PT, DPT, JSCC

San Diego State University Doctor of Physical Therapy Faculty

- Clinical Anatomy Lab Sequence Course Master

Course Locations

San Diego, California 

Class Schedule

  • AM Dissection: 7:00 – 11:00

  • Lunch: 11:00 – 12:00

  • PM Dissection: 12:00 – 3:00

CEUs Earned

  • 14 units


Anatomy Dissection Course: Pelvic Floor

  • $899 includes $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat

Cancellation Fee 

Deposit is non-refundable. 50% refund if cancellation occurs 3 months before the start of the course or earlier. Tuition is non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 3 months before the start of course.


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