Greg Zadow PT, DPT, JSCCI

Greg is the owner and clinic director of Green Ridge Physical Therapy and Wellness. He has been a self-employed physical therapist since 1998 and started his private practice in Sisters, Oregon in February 2001. Greg’s education includes a Bachelor of Applied Science, Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia, Adelaide, as well as a Doctor of Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professionals, Utah.

Greg has been using Counterstrain since his first introduction to the technique in 1991. He resumed training  with the Jones Institute in 2007 and became a Jones Strain Counterstrain Certified Practitioner in 2011. He began study with Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI that same year with the development of Fascial Counterstrain and then completed the Mastery Program through the Counterstrain Academy. Greg has been blessed by many incredible mentors throughout his career and felt a need to give back by contributing to the spread of this amazing technique through becoming a teacher. After several years of training under the tutelage of Brian Tuckey PT, OCS, JSCCI., has been certified to teach the Lymphatic Venous Class through the Jones Institute.

Greg has built a broad base of clinical expertise with more than 2500 hours and 20+ years of continuing education in the field of manual therapy and since 2007, a linear focus on Counterstrain. He has been fortunate to study with internationally-renowned experts in Osteopathic techniques and principles with additional instruction from respected physical therapists and manual therapists from Australia, Europe and the United States.


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