Manual Medicine for the Masses 

DPT Elective

The Jones Institute elective program started in 2015 at the University of Miami Physical Therapy School and we’ve been continuously tweaking the content and teaching strategy, to make it the most appropriate for 2nd and 3rd year PT students. The idea behind the program is to standardize the Counterstrain teaching approach, lectures, and techniques so that we can be assured the PT students are getting a true representation of Counterstrain as it was developed by its originators.


During this two-day elective, students will be introduced to a multi-system treatment approach to the knee. The focus will be on challenging and improving their palpation skills, while also supplying the foundational knowledge necessary to effectively perform each technique.


Students will be exposed to new concepts in fascial science, our physiologic rationale, and close to 50 new techniques. Various case studies will be discussed that demonstrate the clinical relevance of Counterstrain through improved ROM, strength, and changes in diagnostic imaging.


We have been elated with student intrigue and participation thus far. Students have reported appreciating the elective design and the immediately, clinically applicable treatment content. Many students called the experience “eye-opening,” and reported that the techniques changed their paradigms of manual medicine.


The Jones Institute would love to continue our mission, of empowering clinicians and sparking intrigue in manual medicine, at more and more Universities.

“The University of Miami DPT Program has hosted the Counterstrain elective since 2015. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive reviews from our students and plan to offer it every year. Counterstrain is an excellent technique and we are glad we are able to offer our students such a comprehensive introduction to this skill.”

- Dr. Michelle Raya PhD, PT, ATC
University of Miami DPT Vice Chair of Curriculum


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