Manual Medicine for the Masses 

Jones Counterstrain IV: Facilitated and Advanced and Review

Course Description:


Jones Counterstrain IV is newly updated to include advancements in the facilitory approach that can be applied to all Counterstrain techniques. As clinicians get better at Counterstrain, their patient population gets more difficult, and the most difficult patients may need more releases in a given session than what there is time for.


This course will show skilled Counterstrain clinicians how to be faster in the clinic. Facilitory techniques will be shown that reduce the longer hold times down to 3 to 10 seconds. 


Review of techniques learned in JCS I, II, and III with facilitation will be demonstrated with lab as we further prepare the student for Certification. 


New concepts in treatment strategies will be presented to maximize results with Counterstrain. Included will be a dural release strategy, myofascial pain strategy, cranial strategy and more.


Prerequisite: JCS I, II, III

Contact Hours: 20


Course Outline:


  • Introduction

  • Physiological Rational of Facilitation Techniques

  • Review of JCS I, II, and III with Facilitation

  • Facilitation Demonstration and Labs

  • Spinal Dural Release

  • Wind down


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