Manual Medicine for the Masses 

Jones Counterstrain I: Upper Quarter

Course Description:


Jones Counterstrain I covers a system based approach to upper quarter dysfunction through treatment techniques developed by Dr. Jones that positively affect the sympathetic nervous system, central and peripheral vascular flow, and the musculoskeletal systems. This course offers a thorough introduction to various dysfunctions that contribute to somatic pain originating from T12 or above, making it a perfect starting point for beginners and a comprehensive upper quarter review for advanced Counterstrainers.


Lecture and extensive lab time are spent on the cervical spine, thoracic spine, ribs, and upper extremities. Emphasis is placed on developing palpatory and hands-on treatment skills to enhance the students effectiveness with the techniques. Upon completion of the course, participants will understand the neurophysiologic basis for Counterstrain, be able to perform the general Counterstrain procedure, and will gain a comfort level with the more than 85 techniques that are taught. 


Each participant will receive a course syllabus and technique charts.


Prerequisite: None

Contact Hours: 20


Course Outline:


  • Review of neurophysiology

  • Neurologic basis for somatic dysfunction

  • Rationale for JCS

  • General rules for JCS

  • Cervical evaluation and treatment lab

  • Thoracic and Ribs evaluation and treatment lab

  • Shoulder evaluation and treatment lab

  • Elbow evaluation and treatment lab

  • Wrist and Hand evaluation and treatment lab

  • Using JCS documentation format

  • Design a home program using JCS philosophy

  • Patient treatment sessions


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