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"I took my first Counterstrain course in 2002 at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, where I work. I could see immediately how these techniques could be a valuable new tool in how I approached treating my patients. When The Jones Institute was looking for volunteers to host the next course the following year, I volunteered to do it as it gave me the opportunity to take the course for for free! The Counterstrain techniques had such an impact on how I practiced with my orthopedic patients that I knew I wanted to continue learning more. Through hosting, I have been able to develop such a great relationship with The Jones Institute. I now host 2-3 courses every year and have been able to offer co-hosting spots to co-workers and other PT associates, which allows my staff and colleagues to get free tuition as well. Through hosting, I have been able to take more courses over the years, than I would have otherwise. I have had such a positive relationship with The Jones institute and that has had a huge impact on my career and the outcomes for my patients!"


Dan Reynolds PT, JSCC

Sharp Grossmont Hospital

San Diego, California

More Information and Options

Co-Host a Course

Co-host a Counterstain course with us! Most popular option. 

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Contract a JCS Course

Contract a Counterstrain course just for you and your staff!

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Contract a FCS Course

Contract a Fascial Counterstrain course for you and your staff!

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International Contract

Contract a Counterstrain course outside the US!


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