Larry Ham MS, PT, ATC, JSCCI

Larry graduated from the University of Southern California with a MS in Physical Therapy in 1978 and returned home to the Spokane, Washington area to be in private practice in a few different settings, to date. He took his first counterstrain course in 1986.  Dr. Jones treated him and all of his back pain and sciatica went away. Larry’s response was, “I was hooked”. He continued to attend classes where Dr. Jones DO and Randy Kusunose PT were teaching and grew into assisting with the lab portion of classes. What a joy it was to go to dinner with Dr. Jones and listen to his treatment stories late into the night.

Larry was credentialed to be a Jones Institute instructor for Counterstrain Spine and Extremities in 2006 and has taught over 70 courses across the United States.  It is a privilege and honor to spread the counterstrain technique! As fascial counterstrain was developed he attended courses and after intense study and mentorship under Brian Tuckey PT, was credentialed to become a Jones Instructor for the Visceral Fascial Class in 2013. He has taught this class in the U.S. and Australia about 20 times.

The past few years Larry has attended every new class offered by the Jones institute and been a Lab Assistant Instructor for arterial, lymphatic, MS1 and MS2 courses.

Closer to home he has been on the sidelines of over 1,000 athletic events as an Athletic Trainer. He gives special thanks to his family for spending so many nights away from home, although many events were also attended by them. It began with his wife carrying their toddlers to the events.

Larry and Debbie have been married since 1976 and have 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. When not in the clinic or “on the road” he and Deb enjoy traveling, including beaches around the world and scuba diving  (with sharks!). He enjoys home remodel projects, fine carpentry and when the lake water is above 60 degrees, water sports with the entire family including hydrofoiling.  CRAZY FUN!

As he approaches 65 he is reducing his clinic time but remains excited to spread the counterstrain word and is grateful for all the wonderful practitioners around the world that he has met-- all wanting to expand their knowledge and skills.


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