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It’s all about the details. Small fine tuning is what makes the biggest difference: the specificity at which we apply the techniques. We value the concepts of mastery and immersion in the art of healing and the exploration of science. There is no limit to how skilled you can become and how many people you can help.




The human body leaves much to be discovered. As we practice, we continue to develop new ways to treat dysfunctions through life changing techniques. The progression of medicine is reliant on us breaking through that glass ceiling, using science and advancement as the foundation.


“I know of no part of the body that equals the fascia as a hunting-ground. I believe that more rich golden thoughts will appear to the mind’s eye as the study of the fascia is pursued than of any other division of the body.”


- AT Still




The world is full of people in pain. We need passionate learners to extend the magnitude of healing that Counterstrain offers. That’s why we are committed to supporting clinicians to maximize their capabilities and utilize the power of their hands through Counterstrain.


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