"I contacted this counterstrain practitioner, and was able to see her a few months after that. It has truly been a life changing experience. I did not know or understand until I started working with her that anything I was doing.....exercise in particular...was not going to be beneficial without the manual release of muscles and tissues that were so compressed that movement wasn't possible. Many areas of my body were so tight that blood flow and lymphatic movement
were very limited; I had much difficulty just doing ordinary everyday tasks especially raising and moving my arms as the range of motion was extremely limited. Many areas of my body are now much improved as long as I maintain my exercises and continue with the therapy. I find counterstrain to be the most successful and helpful therapy I"ve ever encountered."

Knee Arthritis

“Just before my Physical Therapy initial evaluation, my orthopedic doctor had informed me I had no viable alternative for my arthritic knee except a total knee surgery. I could barely hobble and the pain when I did so was horrendous. I had seen other PT specialists and they did nothing to alleviate the pain. Then I saw a new therapist and found Counterstrain. Within the first week of being treated with Counterstrain I no longer needed my cane. A few months later, I am walking freely - no cane, no limp and no need for an orthopedic doctor, let alone a surgery. The only pain I have are occasional twinges and a rare sharp pain. Neither impedes my movement. I am walking the dog again - and enjoying life. The difference in my physical condition is literally unbelievable. I cannot recommend Counterstrain enough. It is unique in what it does - and it really works!”


"At our first appointment with our Counterstrain specialist, I mentioned that I needed to talk to my baby's pediatrician because I thought she had poor circulation in her hands and feet.  They were purple and cold and she kept her hands in tight balls all the time.  When the first appointment was done, her hands and feet remarkably looked normal in color and they were actually warm!  Not only did the color and heat return to normal but she started opening her hands which led to the start of crawling!  Working with the Counterstrain specialist has been not just a pleasure but has eased concerns and all around made her a happier baby."

Craniofacial Pain

"I woke up one morning and started feeling the sensation of numbness in my chin and tongue. This sensation persisted for long enough that I ended up seeing a Doctor. I underwent test for all sorts of disease and cancer and everything came back negative. Eventually, the Doctors told me there was nothing they could do, that it was all in my head, and prescribed anti-depressants. After that, I was lucky enough to see a Counterstrain specialist. He started treating my jaw with Counterstrain right away, targeting the lymphatic system to get things draining. I just finished my 8th, 30 minute visit of treatment and I have not had any numbness in my chin or tongue in the last 3 weeks. I am so relieved that he was able to get that annoying and worrisome sensation to go away that was driving me crazy. I really believe that there is no one else that can do what he can do." 

Abdominal Pain

“For months I was having abdominal, hip, and low back pain. To try and figure out what was wrong with me I went to a general physician, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist with limited results. I went to a spine specialist who couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me, but wrote me a prescription for physical therapy, which led me to a Counterstrain specialist. He was the only person who listened to all my symptoms, gave weight to each of them, and with his knowledge and expertise was the first person who helped me get to the root of my problems. His Counterstain approach to healing is unparalleled to any treatment anyone else has offered me. After my sessions I felt so much better and could move around with such greater ease. What’s more is that the results lasted, and I improved with every visit. Counterstain is extremely relaxing, and quickly yields positive results. I am thankful every day that I met him because he is the only reason I was able to start recovering. I recommend his Counterstrain approach to everyone!”

Chronic Headaches

"I have had a history of headaches for more years than I can count. This includes severe migraines for which I take medication. Over the last 2 years, I have been unable to exercises due to onset of headaches, neck and back pain. After multiple sessions of traditional PT treatments, I started seeing a Counterstrain specialist, and he pinpointed my car accidents from over 20 years ago as the original traumas that caused my problems. He started by directly treating my head and neck with his Counterstrain techniques, releasing tension in my cranial dura. Since the first treatment, I have been able to return to normal exercise, travel, and work with no headaches. I have been thinking about my Counterstrain therapist a lot as I have been doing so well and believe he deserves all the credit. After years of regular severe headaches, I am completely healed. Counterstrain helped me a great deal and I found the techniques produced better results than anything else I had tried!"


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